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Since that time the field has witnessed a manifold increase in the number of available dating methods, no one of which can do all that the sum can provide. Trumbore 41 Cosmogenic Nuclide Buildup in Surficial Materials Marek G. Schwarcz and Hee-Kwon Lee 177 CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL METHODS Aminostratigraphic Dating Methods in Quaternary Geochronology John F. Miller 187 Obsidian Hydration Dating of Quaternary Events Kenneth L.It seems appropriate that this volume, which is devoted to the subject of natural time, be published at the end of the second millennium, a moment also significant in a cultural sense. Pierce 1 SIDEREAL METHODS Dendrochronology Gordon C. Pierce and Irving Friedman 223 Rock Varnish Chronometry Janet M.

Locke 261 GEOMORPHOLOGICAL METHODS Use of Soil Geomorphology in Fault Studies T. Hanks 313 CORRELATION METHODS Paleomagnetic Dating Kenneth L.

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