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In order to dispel misinformation, a brief description of learning disabilities and federal law is provided. " is examined, and recommendations are provided for the informed and active participation of faculty in accommodating college students with learning disabilities.A student approaches a faculty member after the first day of class and informs her that he has a learning disability and will need extended time on all exams.ABSTRACT: Individuals with learning disabilities are attending institutions of higher education in greater numbers than ever before.In attempts to accommodate these students in the classroom, faculty often have the ethical concern of balancing the rights of students with learning disabilities with the academic integrity of the course, program of study, and institution.Under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, instructors must make reasonable accommodations for students who have physical, mental, or learning disabilities.See also: The University's Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity and their publication, "Assisting Students with Disabilities: A Guide for Instructors." A student with a disability is responsible for requesting accommodations.It is crucial that instructors help students preserve their privacy and maintain the confidentiality of student records, including records of disability accommodation.

As an instructor, you have a responsibility to: Your responsibilities apply whenever a student self-identifies themselves to you.Student Disability Services provides accommodation for students with physical, psychiatric, medical, neurological, Autism spectrum disorders, AD(H)D and learning disabilities, including dyslexia. Once approved for services, students with disabilities are eligible for a Faculty Notification Letter (FNL) to be shared with instructors that outlines accommodation strategies for the semester or term.Students must self-disclose their need for accommodations and, depending on the area(s) of disability, different documentation may be required to support the need for requested accommodations. Letters must be requested through SAM (Students Accessing Miami) by the student each semester or term.Please note that students are not required to present documentation of their disability to any source other than Access & Diversity.It is not appropriate for faculty to request disability documentation from students.

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