An exception was thrown during while updating the dns cache

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Hence the domain is "lame" without a leg to stand on.

If you see this message about your own server ("this server"), you should take steps to correct this immediately.

On Feb 13, 2016 AM, "Clinton Gormley" [email protected]: @danielmitterdorfer I'd be happy with just adding this documentation. [4m54s] AAAA 2a0::1010 (60) .695845 IP (tos 0x0, ttl 255, id 17766, offset 0, flags [none], proto UDP (17), length 72) [udp sum ok] 27956 NXDomain q: A? My only concern is that DNS resolution timeout/failure should not block the pinging or delay it (remember we do it on master loss and we block writes until pinging is done).A "Lame delegation" is when a DNS server, which is listed in the domain registration for a domain, is not configured with data for that domain."Lame delegation" sometimes happen because someone has registered a domain but only has one or no DNS servers, so they simply specify some random DNS servers to act as place-holders, even though none of these servers have a zone defined for the domain in question. Increase the number of maximum connections with the Default Connection Limit property. If using SSL, make sure the server process has permission to access the Certificate store. Make sure that the certificate of the Certificate Authority that signed the server certificate is added to the Trusted Certificate Authority list in Internet Explorer.The Microsoft Analyzer Tool performs a Domain Name System (DNS) lookup to retrieve the Host (A) record of the host name provided.

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