Ancient eclipses and dating the fall of babylon

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Both Luke and Matthew mention Jesus’ birth as occurring during Herod’s reign (Luke 1:5; Matthew 2:1). This is generally regarded as a reference to a lunar eclipse in 4 B. Therefore it is often said that Jesus was born in 4 B. C., which would place Herod’s death—and Jesus’ birth—at the turn of the era. This date is based on Josephus’s remark in 17.6.4 that there was a lunar eclipse shortly before Herod died. Using so-called inclusive counting, this, too, places Herod’s death in 4 B. Third, we know that the reign over Samaria and Judea of Herod’s son and successor Archelaus began in 4 B. The difficulty is that we have a fair amount of information, but it is equivocal.

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'Tell me', he said, 'at what time you will do this, and we will believe you; or if you will not tell me I will tell you when the Sun or the Moon will next be darkened, in what part of their orb the darkness will begin, how far it will spread, and how long it will continue'.""On Wednesday the 28th of Shawwal, the Sun was eclipsed by about two-thirds in the sign of Cancer more than one hour after the afternoon prayer. During the eclipse there was darkness and some stars appeared. Despite heavy damage, the defenders were able to repair the city walls every night.

Further Articles Relating to Seven Times, 607, 1914 & Last Days Introduction to Seven Times Prophecy 607 B. There is a large weight of evidence that can be used to prove 607 B. It must therefore be accepted as the ultimate criterion in the determination of Neo-Babylonian chronological questions." Yale University Press, p.10 The Jewish year began in either April (Nisan – religious) or in September (Tishri – secular), and therefore does not align with our modern calendar and its January start. Yet because it is wrong, they necessarily put themselves in a position that makes it impossible to do so. Evil-merodach the king of Babylon, in the year of his becoming king, raised up the head of Jehoiachin the king of Judah out of the house of detention; and he began to speak good things with him, and then put his throne higher than the thrones of the kings that were with him in Babylon. His underage son Labashi-Marduk, a vicious boy, succeeded him, and was assassinated within nine months. "Other investigators say this: "The Nabunaid Chronicle . On the basis of cuneiform texts he is believed to have ruled some 17 years (556-539 B. The reason the Watchtower Society has be forced to create an unattested second Nabonidus is due to their claim that Nebuchadnezzar started ruling in 624 B.

C., then Jesus rulership did not commence in 1914, nor was Watchtower chosen in 1919. History of the prophecy Did the Last Days Start 1914? As early as 1929, Raymond Philip Dougherty's Nabonidus and Belshazzar, showed that the knowledge of the reign of these kings; "is based upon more than two thousand dated cuneiform documents. Nor are they able to logically counter the volumes of information that show Jerusalem fell in 587 B. So when it then is required to undermine these very historians it puts itself in a contradictory position that undermines any credibility in 607 B. For a prophecy of such importance to the Watchtower, the onus of proof is upon them to provide legitimate support to this teaching. Evil-merodach reigned two years and was murdered by his brother-in-law Neriglissar, who reigned for four years, which time he spent mainly in building operations. Therefore the two timelines are: For the Watchtower timeline to be correct Nabonidus needs to have ruled for 36 years, yet the Society admits archaeology shows he only ruled for 17 years. states that Sippar fell to Persian forces VII/14/17 [Footnotes]"VII/14/17": The 7th Hebrew month Tishri, 14th day, 17th year of Nabonidus' reign. 491 "Last supreme monarch of the Babylonian Empire; father of Belshazzar. The following quote goes on to say that there were two Nabonidus' due to tablets showing that Nabonidus was ruling over a city in the eighth year of Nebuchadnezzar.

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