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Since 2001, when Angola' s long civil war ended, many people from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Republic of Congo have arrived in Cabinda, Evaristo Lucas Kanica, the coordinator of a Red Cross AIDS-prevention programme, told IRIN/Plus News.Cabinda's Comandante Jika neighbourhood is home to the famous bar and brothel Berlita, named after its late owner, a former sex worker who became rich and married.During Plus News' visit, the sex workers were young Congolese women in search of quick money in Cabinda, which is home to a rebel movement seeking autonomy.They speak in their home languages of Lingala and Kikongo, a little bit of French with some Portuguese words thrown in.

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In fact, Angolans behave as if there was no war although it is deeprooted in every Angolan.This is meant to assist victims who are unable or unwilling to speak out for any reason.Furthermore, the law guarantees support to victims, such as medical treatment, financial and legal help, and access to safe houses.Having emerged from more than 30 years of civil war, Angola has achieved significant progress in the last decade.The country’s infrastructure is noticeably improved, and its economy has rebounded quickly due to its vast oil wealth.

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