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AS A PSYCHOLOGIST, I have always found the concept of speed dating fascinating.

During a series of mini dates, each spanning no more than a couple of minutes, participants in a speed-dating event evaluate a succession of eligible singles.

And the results revealed that couples who had met online were the most satisfied in their relationship, ahead of those who had met through work, in a bar or on a blind date!

We have expert bloggers and articles covering the steps you’ll take, questions, date ideas, conversation tips and much more to help you along the way.

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less aggressive, less costly than NYC and it's the most European US city. Wendy says that as women, we're negotiating constantly, with children, colleagues, friends, and life partners.Begin by choosing the perfect profile photo to display to other singles. But, this specific date gets super awkward, super fast. s Deborah Farr after Wendy completed her session on Negotiating for Business and Life.The study asked almost 20,000 people, all married, a series of questions about their relationship, to discover how happy they were.

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