Black college alumni dating who is aaron mcgruder dating

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I had a blast while in college mainly in part to my sorority, I met so many people, traveled to different places and participated in activities that I would have never done." In addition to many houses’ esteemed reputations, African-American Greek life is also the source of great opportunities to provide community outreach, gain leadership training and build lasting friendships.

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The app, which is targeted at black users, was initially launched at Howard University and in its first month received 17,000 downloads.Tyree and Cathcart will amass 101 stories from graduates of HBCUs (or individuals who attended a Black college for at least four years) detailing these unique, undergraduate experiences while further emphasizing the still vital role these institutions have in our society.Writers may hail from any of the 100-plus HBCUs and be any age, gender or ethnicity.The Dating Ring, a personal online matchmaking service, collected 7,500 date feedback reports from 1,600 people during an 18-month period to see which college alumni served as the most enjoyable dates.Based on the per cent of people who said that they would say yes to second date, dateability scores ranged from the least dateable (17per cent for Massachusetts' Babson College) to the most dateable (81per cent for New York's Colgate University).'Post-grad, I think a lot of us do struggle to date, because we’re so focused on our careers,' she admitted, adding: 'We spend like, 8am to 8pm at our jobs and by the time the day is done, we don’t want to go out.'The survey is not truly representative of the entire country, however.

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