Brandon hines and trey songz dating

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He asked the same bizarre questions to my producer, which struck us both as weird, as this was just an example of the odd things he would ask of us.

Troy says he saw Brandon Hines in the audience at a show singing the words to all trey’s songs and from there, Brandon would end up living with Troy.

Last year Bossip contended that R&B newcomer Drake was also gay when this off-the-wall photo surfaced.The release date of her serially delayed sophomore album, ‘Digital Distortion,’ may be unclear, but that hasn’t stopped rapstress Iggy Azalea from hyping its content to her faithful fans (affectionately called #Azaleans).Despite a leak that let listeners in on some of its sounds earlier than expected, one of the set’s most anticipated…Now that the shoe is on the other foot, Will has turned to Trey for advice on how to deal with it.Trey told Will to just be true to who he is – no matter what this is – and he assured Will the rumors will ultimately pass.” See Our Article: Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown’s Bisexual Open Marriage, Says Sister & Co-Worker; Whitney, Jodie Foster & Kelly Mc Gillis Love Triangle Why would Will Smith turn to him for help?

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