Bristol palin dating kyle

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Though Mc Kenzie says rumors about Palin and Kyle Massey dating are untrue, he recognizes that gossip could draw attention to the new series.“I can say unequivocally that the rumors are all false,” Mc Kenzie said. However, it’s interesting publicity, and I hope everyone watches.”reported that former Alaska gov.

Sarah Palin was “furious” about Kyle Massey and Bristol’s relationship, but Mc Kenzie attests that the two are not an item.

Bristol and her son, Tripp, will be moving in with brothers Chris and Kyle Massey — the latter she befriended on Dancing with the Stars (and there a few reports that the two are dating) — to start up a new charity.

BIO purchased 10 half-hour episodes, set to air in Fall 2011.

Anyway, check out more pics of the pair enjoying some dogs in the gallery (below).

Can't remember why this show is actually going to be important or whatever.

Yesterday, Bristol was spotted at Pink's Hotdogs in West Hollywood with Kyle Massey and his bro, filming their new joint reality show while enjoying a bite.

Johnston’s smarmy habits didn’t go unnoticed by a noteworthy staffer of Sarah Palin, either.

The Daily Caller’s Jonathan Strong reported earlier on Tuesday that Sarah Palin’s aide Rebecca Mansour had exchanged messages with a Twitter acquaintance about finding a decent man for Bristol." data-reactid="16"Palin conceived her little boy with Levi Johnston, who gained notoriety for posing in Playgirl and penning a book titled, “Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs” with a goofy cover photo.

Regardless, he reiterated that the buzz could generate coverage and buzz on the show." data-reactid="15"Last month, Perez Hilton reported that former Alaska gov.

Regardless, he reiterated that the buzz could generate coverage and buzz on the show.“I just think it sounds good in print that they’ve got something going romantically,” Mc Kenzie said.

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