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When I first starting eating gluten-free, before I was 100% confirmed as a Celiac, dating now became an anxiety-provoking activity.I’ll start with the story of Boy #1 – for those loyal readers of my blog, this is not my current Non-GFBF that writes with me.Its the summer, which means hummus time, but if youre tired of dipping in carrots and celery, bring over these crunchy, tasty crackers. No gluten, diary, or nuts, and theyre shaped like lemon wedges. Put it in your cereal bowl first thing in the morning, stash it in your desk for a mid-afternoon power push, or bring it on the trail to share with your favorite hiking buddies. Nothing goes with a romantic comedy on a warm summer night than this tasty kettle-cooked popcorn. They can serve as a snack on the trail or the office or even tide you over if youre too busy to sit down for a proper meal.

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That was hard enough as it is without adding in any dietary restrictions!

Here are some of our absolute favorite gluten-free snacks for summer.

You wont be able to stop munching on these tasty pretzels, which contain whole grain sorghum flour, apple cider vinegar, and organic wildflower blossom honey. These arent your mommas Brussel sprouts, we promise.

We are committed to staying up to date with evidence based information, directly from our world renowned medical advisory board with the Celiac Disease Foundation comprised of the leading medical Celiac Disease Research Centers. * Support group serving Minnesota and the gluten free lifestyle.

* CDFTC serves Minnesota with support, education and awareness for those affected by Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance.

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