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It could be a tasty meal you’ve had, a recipe, restaurant review, or food photography, whatever tickles your fancy and it doesn’t have to be travel related.

What you consider local might be exotic to someone else. Here’s my Food Friday post: St Peter Restaurant, properly known as St Peter Stiftskeller, is the oldest restaurant in Central Europe dating back to 803 and no that wasn’t a typo. St Peter Stiftskeller is found in the heart of Salzburg, Austria’s Old Town in the St.

It is yet too early to decide whether the age range represents a more or less continuous process or distinct weathering episodes.

Formation of supergene Mn oxides may result from combined climatic and tectonic factors: local uplift, exhumation, and associated fracturing of rocks provided fresh mineral surfaces for percolating meteoric fluids that induced subsequent weathering under warm–temperate to subtropical conditions.

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Pleistocene glaciations are probably the most important periods of wind erosion.

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While this is a travel/expat blog, for many travelers (myself included) experiencing the local food and drink along the way is part of the fun of traveling.

Let’s see what delicious concoctions we can share each week.

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