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you have to work for it with your time and your money AND you must be willing to open your mind to allow fresh new ideas inside.I suppose that goes along with any great advice, right?The idea is to provide the tools so that you can not only protect yourself but understand not only why you do the things you do but why men do the things they do and in particular why you let men do the things they do to you!Read more Your first impression and the way you manage the first conversation you have with a guy will help you understand your own subconscious attraction system and how it affects your interaction with men.Broken Heart Help - Providing quick help for you to heal a broken heart.

You can't change someone, but you can manage who you invite into your life and find the man you deserve with Christian's help.” Christian Carter has two gifts: Those two gifts have been proven and tested for well over a decade now by countless women everywhere.I call them “gifts” because he obviously has remarkable talent in this field BUT they’re not just handed over to you blindly…She turned her own miserable and painful love life around to the glorious, happy marriage she's enjoyed with her husband of 25 years, and now she shares her secrets with a million women who actively engage with her in her newsletters.Are you the kind of woman a great guy is attracted to and wants to have a deep, connected relationship with?

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