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Our vision is one — to build groundbreaking applications revolutionising the way we utilise company information like never before.

Years of experience and incredible innovations drive Endole forward — pushing company insights to a whole new level. We believe a good business decision is based on knowledge.

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Companies might be better off investing in training fresh recruits with little experience in an industry so the companies can have more control over how the new workers adapt to their new employer’s corporate strategy and culture.

For example, let's say you currently have 20 salespeople.As all employers quickly learn, there's a world of difference between a worker who's correctly matched to their job and their organization, and one who is not.But how do you find and match the right people to the right jobs?Resist the temptation to omit steps, because shortcutting the process can shortchange your results. Your job descriptions should reflect careful thought as to the roles the individual will fill, the skill sets they'll need, the personality attributes that are important to completing their tasks, and any relevant experience that would differentiate one applicant from another.This may sound fairly basic, but you'd be surprised at how many small companies fail to develop or maintain updated job descriptions. Compile a "success profile." In addition to creating job descriptions, it's important to develop a "success profile" of the ideal employee for key positions in your company that are critical to the execution of your business plan.

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