Country lovers dating

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Our site is safe and assured, the perfect environment for on-line dating, you can maintain the level of security that is right for you, and can remain anonymous as long as you like, only sharing information that you want to share. By winking, chatting and emailing you can make sure that the single you fancy is the person you’d want to date, someone who is good fun, cares and shares the same interests and values as you…as well as looking good - though beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. As you enter the website, you are taken out into the rural pastures.You can almost smell the apple blossom as you wander through the profiles of farmers, countryside sports enthusiasts, horse riders, hunting and fishermen as well as walkers and rural dwellers generally looking for your ideal country date.

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Registration is free for both men and women, we would love you to join and date that someone who will add some extra sunshine to your life.

This won’t be seen on all horses in your area and it may be easier to spot on some horses than others.

Clipping for the winter […] Owning a horse is a very large expense that is made even more challenging if the horse will have to be stabled and boarded privately.

We attract an equal number of men and women and offer an excellent way of getting to know other countryside people, with the possibility that one of them might just be someone special, and could become your partner for life.

Only Country Lovers is the perfect place to meet other singles who are trying online dating. Whether you want friendship, romance, or a red hot Country Lover you will have the chance to find your soulmate.

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