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Maybe, says Peter Biskind, whose sources claim that an insecure Beatty "worried every speech to death" as the movie crumbled around him. That's a bad idea to begin with: like Scary Movie, parodies of a parody are on to a loser from the start.But with the addition of crude racial stereotyping (of all races) and a fatal lack of funny, this goes from bad to worst.Miss Doran, who has been a single mother since splitting from Mr Priestley seven months before the big win, added: 'It's been a struggle financially - the benefit woman nearly dropped the phone when I told her I'd won the lottery.'It's overwhelming to think that I won't have to struggle again.Before all my money went on the children and I went around in rags.'I could now even buy a plane!

I don't really despise her, but she is annoying as all hell at the same time.

I just saw him briefly in Oakland last week while he was at Sensors Expo in SJ and, Christ, is all I can write.

But that guy is wicked smart (props Cork), but also so fun to hang around. I cannot tell you how awesome it is to hang out with him.

He/She is a Scammer and Creature, and it will take you for all your money and some. Is a Marine Engineer however, can't get vacation time until October unless I can send Shell oil money to replace him, since he is so important an Engineer.

Read these stories and above all sign my petition, we need to stop these Creatures. He is handsome, showed me pics with him on the rigin the engine room, and on other places.

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