Dara and g dragon dating 2016 Male and female cam roulette

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For those who are unaware, fans spotted G-Dragon and Dara leaving the concert venue together following BIGBANG's concert, and the interactions between the two caused dating rumours to quickly spread.

While fans and netizens are debating whether G-Dragon and Dara are dating, YG Entertainment have now released a new statement clarifying the situation - no, they are not dating!

Rumors are rife that BIGBANG's leader G-Dragon (Kwon Ji-young) and former 2NE1 member Sandara Park are dating as they were spotted very sweet leaving BIGBANG's concert in Seoul.

A representative of YG PLUS revealed why they chose G-Dragon and Sandara Park as the brand models, “KPop has become a huge influence already, that it has even affected K-Beauty, in the fact that it brings in global overseas consumers. [ 6, 0] YG’s representative handsome guy and pretty girl Source: OSEN via Naver 1. MC Yoo Hee Yeol said “I’ve been to scenes like that (where lots of fans are gathered), and it really is chaotic.” “Talk Busking” with Sandara Park and her honest talk will broadcast on 25 As two of the hottest YG artists, the two artists have been paired together since their collaboration for “Hello” on G-Dragon’s first solo album.With stunning visuals and an outstanding similar taste in fashion, the Daragon pairing has been the favorite to many., who has been actively endorsing cosmetic brands and always get a good feedback and support, the combination of their endorsement powers have already attracted a lot of expectations. [ 44, -2] The only two artists that I love the most… [ 27, -1] Ahhh~~~ this is great ㅋㅋ They’re both heart-warming~~ 6.This year, Moonshot will be starting with ‘s “spring look,” while G-Dragon will bring his unique sense of style to their “male product line,” this “collaboration” will definitely delight beauty enthusiasts as these two people introduce the products that they can enjoy. [ 19, -1] Why do I feel so happy about this, this is great ^^ 7.

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