Dating a bartender

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Bartending is a job, yes, but also a profound window into the realm of And if observing leads to action, we can assume the bartenders are probably the best daters in town — that is, if they take their own advice.For some real talk on what makes a good date (and a terrible one), .

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This means, if you’re dating the bartender, you’ll be immersed in the inner circle.

(via) New York bartenders are a special breed: they’re consistently ultra-attractive, they know an armada of great jokes, are an incredibly hardworking bunch, and they really know how to wear that fancy vest.

There’s just something about them, some spark that keeps folks coming back to them for drinks night-after-night.

“If the bartender thinks you’re a cool enough person, he’ll happily act as the wingman,” says Vitaliy R., a bartender in Austin, Texas, who originally hails from New York City.5. Something as simple as a casual brush on the back while you're talking, as you're picking up your drink, or positioning your stool toward hers is enough to clue her in that you're interested. ’ you should have a good story to back it up," says Yorsz.

“That way if she wants to leave with you, you won't get held up waiting for the bartender to close your tab,” says Yorsz.4. Usually when girls see that a guy has a good rapport with the bartender, they’re more likely to relax.

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