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The ‘city on a hill’ has grown from a congregation of 45 in a school hall in Baulkham Hills in Western Sydney in 1983, to a rapidly expanding network that packs 20,000 people into stadium-sized arenas all over Sydney every Sunday, and in Melbourne, Brisbane, the UK, the US, Germany, France, Ukraine, Russia, the Netherlands, Sweden and South Africa. Pastor Brian would probably be able to deliver an interesting sermon on 30 years of marketing to young people, but is overseas and declined to be interviewed. And how does the church – which doesn’t use an ad agency – market itself?Music Hillsong is as famous for album sales as it is for spreading the word of Jesus, and owes much to ‘worship resources’ for its youth appeal.Many denominations — such as the Presbyterian Church (USA), the Episcopal Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the United Church of Christ — allow gay marriage and queer clergy.Selena Gomez is an amazing singer, actress, AND budding stylist!Why does it build huge churches, but fails to feed the poor? "Religion puts you in shackles but Jesus sets you free.Religion makes you blind, but Jesus lets you see."The evangelist, who described himself as a "messed up dude addicted to grace," claimed that Christianity is God's search for man, while religion is the opposite – man's search for God.The music brand Hillsong United has its own You Tube channel, which has amassed almost 30m views.

However, most of my potential dates — whether we’re meeting online or off — don’t know what to make of me.

Melodie, Tyler, Renee, Aodhan, and Ben then chat with us about some of their other favorite jams, performing with Selena Gomez, their Grammy nomination, and more!

Since reactivating my Ok Cupid profile two months ago, I’ve received dozens of messages mentioning my religion.

It is one of the most powerful Australian youth brands.

And it is the fastest growing church in a country where religion is in decline.

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