Dating since high school

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He was there for your high school graduation, college graduation, and when you got your first adult job.

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If you found someone who thought you were beautiful in braces and side bangs, never let that person go. You watched her grow up, and now she's as much as a little sister to you as you're a big sister to her.5. You absolutely crush any party together that requires a fancy dress and a dance floor because you've been doing awful corny dances together since way back when.

In high school, I felt perpetually single and like I'd never find love, and while I did for a while, I'm kind of back to feeling the same way these days.

Of course, I read them all immediately and I could not stop cracking up at the general theme many of them seemed to take.

When the Macarena comes on, your rhythm is so on point you're basically one person. That giggly schoolgirl crush feeling is so real for you.

You met him when you were a schoolgirl age and the way that feeling never left is the best.7.

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