Dating wwii helmets

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From the evidence of extant contemporary illustrations the face protection was added first, probably as an extension of the pre-existing nasal.

Some German illustrations dating to around 1180 show a bar at the end of the nasal covering the mouth, if such a bar had been extended and curved back to the brow of the helmet, a forerunner of a full face-plate would have been created.

Nice clear painted factory logo to front and two ventilation holes either side.

This one had provision for the comb but the holes have been plugged.

The helmet is in great shape and is clearly dated 3.05.34 and made by Vorschriftsmassig Lt. The M 34 code represents the year this pattern of helmet was introduced so impossible to find an earlier example.Adler M34 Factory Fire Helmet - An excellent example that would have been issued to firemen working in the Adler factory prior to and during WW11 in case of fire or air raids.Adler were pre-war and wartime military vehicle manufacturers of utility types or ‘Kubels’, light cars and personnel carriers.The enclosed helmet covered the entire head, with full protection for the face and somewhat deeper coverage for the sides and back of the head than that found on previous types of helmets.It was developed near the end of 12th century and was largely superseded by the true great helm by c. It is distinguishable from the great helm by a much greater depth to the face protection when compared to the depth of the helmet at the rear and sides.

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