Diamond dating lil scrappy

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It's so funny that there are so many dudes with NO MONEY talkin' bout how they would feel if they helped someone out and they walked away. You don't have anything, you've never helped anyone, not even you and that is why you are where you are in life and that's real spit! Besides that, if Scrappy didn't want her to go anywhere, he would have put a ring on it a longtime ago. People grow up and grow apart and that is just the way it is. “I ain’t never had my little heart broken before, but now that it happened, I don’t think it would happen for a long time,” he said.Soulja Boy has defended his new girlfriend Diamond against comments made by her ex-boyfriend Lil Scrappy.Scrappy said he helped Diamond get her rap career on track, putting her needs before his own, and after their breakup, he felt used.Plus, with the news Scrappy’s mom, Mama Dee reportedly ran Diamond off the filming of Love & Hip Hop ATL as well as talking about her “hygiene issues” on the show, we’re sure her presence is not missed.Things began to heat up last year when it was revealed that Diamond was dating Soulja Boy.

Scrappy recently took to his social media to announce his break up on Friday, Aug. Scrappy insists they had a shoving match, nothing more.(And Momma Dee tells TMZ she never got anything of value from Diamond because “Diamond ain’t never had s***.” Momma says Diamond’s a “lying chamber maid” who’s mad because she’s not banging the prince anymore … Yeah, he got some issues; Some demons, he needs some help,” Diamond said in an interview.Soulja, who was accompanied by Diamond to the 2012 BET Awards last weekend, believes that Scrappy was coming at him in the media recently when talking about his failed relationship with the ex-Crime Mob member: “This is my baby, this is my girl, so anything said about her is basically they’re saying it about me,” Soulja told MTV.“I’m backin’ her 100 percent, and we’re just focusing on the positive.

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