Dog lovers dating australia

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"Within the first month, we’ve had over 100,000 downloads with about 2,000 to 3,000 new users every day from countries around the world, including the United States, UK, Australia, France, Germany, and Brazil. The website doesn't really commit to either (finding friends for your dog and meeting fellow owners are two different options advertised), so you can probably use it for whatever you like – the only downside is you might occasionally get your wires crossed with other owners out there.

"Whether or not you're a dog lover, now's the best time to try e Harmony; it's our busiest time of year with a big spike in registrations so there are more chances of being matched with someone you really click with." says Michael Cleary, operations director, Kalido: "Our challenge was showing why compatibility matters in dating and to bring that concept to life in a fun and relatable way.

But, you say, you already know the humans at the local dog park, and while you’ve finally managed to remember some of their names (not just their dogs’ names) and have even set up some doggie play dates, not a person among them is anyone youwould date. You’ve realized that if someone’s not a dog person, they are simply not romantic material.

The last person you were with couldn’t deal with dog hair on the furniture or your pup’s cold nose thrust under the covers to remind everyone that it was time for his A. Never fear: creative singles services and modern technology are making it possible for you to meet other dog lovers outside the scope of your daily neighbourhood jaunts.

No judgement, but this is not my area of expertise. Coinciding with e Harmony’s new ‘competibility’ TV ad, I’d like to lift the lid on the wonderful and lesser known benefits of dating a dog person.

#awkwarddating When I refer to ‘dog people’ here, I’m talking about dog lovers. I’ve spoken with many singles about the pros and cons of dating dog people (See previous blog post ‘Must Love Dogs’) and I must say, the positives far outweigh the complaints.

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