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I thought I still had quite a few pages left in my current notebook until I opened it just now to discover 20 pages of predatory animals and prehistoric looking reptiles wreaking havoc across the lines.

Trying to keep an energetic 11-year-old amused in a waiting room, I lent him my notebook and black pen for a short period and this is a sample of what now intersperses my less animated prose.

Years later, her mother unsuccessfully attempted to gain parental custody of Fatima.

She completed her BA degree in Middle Eastern studies?

She lives with her stepmother Ghinwa Bhutto, and her half-brother Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Jr.

They live at the famous residence 70 Clifton Road in Old Clifton, Karachi, “Karachi’s oldest and plushest suburb.” Books Her book 8.50 a.m.

Which it is, the Bhutto family name is renowned in Pakistan politics as is its tragic link with political assassination.

Fatima Bhutto is part of that family, though she has said she is not interested in pursuing a political career, preferring to express herself in poetry and now this, her first novel.

Mesdames, George est toujours un cœur à prendre.-----------------------------------------——Il avait déjà boudé les Oscars pour défendre la situa­tion au Soudan auprès de Barack Obama, George Cloo­ney conti­nue­rait de s’in­ves­tir en poli­tique. Selon plusieurs rumeurs, dont certaines relayées par le sérieux , le céli­ba­taire le plus convoité des Etats-Unis aurait complè­te­ment craqué pour Fatima Bhutto, la nièce de Bena­zir Bhutto, l’ex-Premier ministre pakis­ta­naise assas­si­née en décembre 2006.

We will no longer shop at Marks and Spencer because they are somehow connected to Israel. There was no corruption and no labour unions until this Sindhi feudal and closet Hindu agent named Z. Bhutto came along and enforced his Zionist agenda and made all our urban serfs so uppity. We are against feudalism unless the feudals in question do not support the PPP and allow us to rape the ecology of Sindh and the Punjab on our weekend hunting trips. to banish Zardari and his kids and ditch the legacies of ZAB and BB.

We are against American imperialism if it means we have to ditch the Taliban as that would be against the aspirations of our founding father, Mohammed Bin Qasim. Fatima Bhutto is fine, though; she is dating George Clooney. I still remember the good old days when and their friends brought hundreds of textile licenses from Gohar Ayub for US $ 200,000 a pop. Some of us feel we know what’s best for the PPP, i.e.

And I see his sister has been in here as well, quite different styles.

So with Spring well and truly here, it is time to start afresh, so a new notebook seems appropriate.

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