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Needless to say, my lothario soon gave me a taste of my own medicine, driving me insane by chatting up other women.

Suddenly I was the insecure one, constantly asking: ‘Who was that woman flirting with you at the bar?

An occasional night on the couch may not be a big deal.

But when the snoring goes on and on, all night long, night after night, people get desperate.

I understand why; as a society we have ‘medicalised’ pregnancy and see labour as very much a medical process – only safe when there are doctors and surgeons on hand should the worst happen.

Paul was very much of this opinion when I first floated the idea to him, and it definitely took a while to bring him around (although he is very much on board with the home birth plan now! Labour is a scary thing to go through (she says, as it looms ahead…) and many people I imagine that it is comforting to have nurses and doctors around, but that is very much my idea of a nightmare even at the best of times.

It isn't just the snorer's spouse who is getting hurt.

Yes, things can go wrong, but they so rarely go wrong so quickly that you can’t get to the hospital if you need to – and given that we live a short ten minute drive from two hospitals, that’s not something that concerns me massively.

On TV, things tend to get a bit dramatic, but whilst it’s not impossible for things to turn sour within moments, it’s much more likely that the midwife would spot any upcoming problems ahead of time and get you into hospital with plenty of time.

What I’ve gathered from the words of these future Pulitzer Prize winners is that women are not getting raped by violent offenders while taking a jog in the park or walking through a dark street—they are getting raped by men they already know, especially at college.

I learned that if a man and a woman both drink at a party and have sex, she was in all likelihood raped since she could not give full legal consent.

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