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Court documents show that Gretchen has accused Jay as being a friend turned stalker, who leaked naked photos of her online, threatened her with violence, spread false rumors about her, and cost her a spot on RHOC and a 0,000 a year income.A jury awarded Gretchen 3,000 in damages but Jay filed bankruptcy in an attempt to get the judgment thrown out.Her fiancee Jeff Beitzel was the COO of Quantum Fuel System Technologies Worldwide.He made over a million dollars a year in that position, according to Forbes. He died on September 13, 2008 at the age of 54 after losing his battle to leukemia.I’m just really excited because it’s getting a lot of buzz and people seem to be really excited about it. The fact of the matter is, when we have the economy that we have; when we have real estate down; when we have every single aspect of the economy being affected, everyone gets affected.You mention the economy; this season we really see how it has affected your lifestyles. But we still see you guys living this sort of grand lifestyle. The fact of the matter is, the show has always been based on a very affluent area -- Orange County … Granted, we all might not be standing in the welfare line …

“, Gretchen mentions having gone to Baylor University in Texas. " The source explains, “The reason that the wedding has been postponed so many times is not because they have doubts that they are meant to be together, but because they are both working on a lot of projects right now.” RELATED: Gretchen Rossi Looks Unrecognizable in Makeup-Free Selfie The insider says that Gretchen's recent purse line has been keeping her busy and that both of them have been pitching ideas to various networks.“They want to get all of this stuff ironed out before entering into a marriage, but the wedding is inevitably happening," the friend adds.I arrived on the scene and contacted the victim, later identified as Slade Smiley, who was standing outside the restaurant,”Following the incident, the Police were called and Jay was arrested for assault and battery.Apparently, this isn’t Slade and Gretchen’s first issue with Jay as the couple has been battling him in court for years.

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