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Please do not allow this to happen again in future.If my daughter was not present, how would the staff have dealt with the situation?From a personal point of view, of which I am sure many other deaf people share a mutual natural concern, what would happen when we (the deaf community) suddenly have a car crash – how would the medical services deal with us?How can they feel 100% confident that they have covered all the medical questions and satisfied they have all the information they need? When they have no knowledge of sign language or a deep awareness of deaf issues. Being awarded a piece of paper after going on a deaf awareness course does not qualify them or the hospital in deaf awareness.Shortly after, he moved to Guraba Hospital, which is now part of the School of Medicine İstanbul University.

Children are not there to be used as interpreters, in any sense. It is not fair on them and it is potentially damaging.If you want to know me more,just ask me : ) You are yourself.During World War I (1914–1918), he served at the military hospital in Edirne as a specialist in dermatology and venereal diseases and was assigned to the head of the hospital as an assistant.After his return to Turkey, he went into private practice.In 1923, Behçet was appointed as the head physician at the Hasköy Venereal Diseases Hospital at Golden Horn in Istanbul.

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