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From fuck buddies, to side chicks, to girlfriends, and even wives, the mami’s blow away all other females in just about every way and they continue to remain unchallenged.

She has the amazing power of being able to start funny and original conversations with everyone, anywhere, anytime. But she dares to tell you that she wants to honeymoon in Buenos Aires? But it doesn’t matter what you think, so you just do your best to deflect the awkward look the bartender throws you. You just let your mind fly like during that Calculus class where old professor Faustino Rodríguez spent really long hours jibber-jabbering about irrational numbers. “Oh, it’s so romantic,” she says after listening to it for what must be the 600th time.

The ability to cook for their men is something they outwardly brag about to their amigas and familia.

The old adage “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is drilled into their heads by their female elders from a very young age. I’ve dated Latinas of all ages and just about all of them had above average culinary faculty.

It’s important to note that there are a few key differences in what Latin women want as opposed to what American women want.

Before we begin, please bear in mind that this is just a generalization, and does not apply in all cases.

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