Intimidating powderpuff nicknames

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This is one tough dog and you might want a tough name to match.

Browse through suggestions of flag football team names to help inspire your own team name.

The Rottie, as they are often known, is a popular guard dog and often leads to tough or macho names like Bear, Duke and Hulk.

Have you heard a Rottweiler names Powder Puff, Pinky or Fi Fi?

And ensured I will never, ever keep anything with long ears as a pet again. Dr Doom (Fantastic Four) Okay, I know he was a bit of a Skeletor rip off but he was still enough to have us cowering behind a cushion.

Lame name aside, this was a titan of an antagonist with magical and psychic powers to boot. Scar Face (The Animals Of Farthing Wood) What was it with kids shows of our era and the brutal killings of cute woodland creatures?! Ursula (The Little Mermaid) Most infamous for those nightmareish scenes where she tripled in size and had to be stabbed with a ship, Ursula took her creepiness along to the short-lived TV series of the Disney mermaid too. She was very realistic as brats go and was the kind of girl every child dreaded meeting.

But it wasn’t the episode after episode coverage of his violent showdown with Goku which was so chilling. Dr Claw (Inspector Gadget) The terror of this guy was that you didn’t need to even see him to be afraid of him.

You can also create a mash-up by combining 2 of the names together.

For instance we could come up with Fabulous Blitz or Puff Princesses by mashing up a few of the team names below.

This will give you way more possibilities than the 30 options presented here.

The Rottweiler Dog names list is filled with names suitable for this stout, confident and imposing dog breed.

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