Invalidating query cache entries key mysql house bill mandating infertility insurance be offered

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This guide will teach you the scope and purpose of each one of them.

Master these techniques and your Rails applications can serve millions of views without exorbitant response times or server bills.

Through caching, web sites running on a single server with a single database can sustain a load of thousands of concurrent users.

Concurrent insert sounds like it would work well with your above mythical application (since you didn't mention any DELETEs). Page Data Caching and Cache Dependency with Database Query 4. My SQL cache problem - innodb_buffer_pool_size and FS cache 11.

First because i dont't see the servers processing anything, and second, because as i mentiomed in update4, the server stops processing and gets stuck on invalidating cache on the old non-Percona servers which caused the replication to halt until the cache was invalidated (Which took a lot of time). id=60696 We solved the issue by moving entirely to Percona My SQL server v5.5 which has the ability to disable Query Cache completely.

After fixing some major issues on my slave I started to sync it with the master and observed that it was doing it really slow ....found "invalidating query cache entries (table)" to appear in my process list every now and the....

This means that the first time you retrieve data it will always be slower than when you retrieve it the second time as the data will be cached.

My SQL is no different in that the larger the cache the more data that can be stored and hopefully when a user runs a SQL query the information will be cached in memory and not on the local hard drive, the way to think of accessing data when using a database is the following Thus you want to get that data that the users needs into memory which will greatly give a better performance and experience to your end user, now as databases can be very large it some times impossible to get all the data into cache, however if you can get the most used data into cache then the users experience will be greatly improved, you don't want your user hanging around waiting for information otherwise he/she may go somewhere else which could be a disaster for your business.

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