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Enjoy adult drinks with sweet & savory treats from Samosa Shack and Red Barn Bakery.Then find your spot in the barn to hear the best tales from some of the nation’s most beloved storytellers: SANDI MARX – 7x Moth Story SLAM champ; RISK!Episodes 1 to 28 were released on DVD in the Batman: The Animated Series Volume One set; episodes 29 to 56 in the Volume Two set; and episodes 57 to 65 in the Volume Three set.

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NATHANIEL COCCA-BATES – 2x Moth Story SLAM champ; RISK!This paper offers an update on the use of the method and on adaptations to increase its efficiency using online search and communities as well as an overview of lessons learned from experiences on more than 20 lead-user projects.KEY CONCEPTS: Lead-user research; Customercentered innovation; User innovation Most companies want the same thing-a healthy pipeline of breakthrough products and services that will provide robust and steady profits.The lead-user research method goes a step further, looking not only to the typical customer, but to those users whose needs and preferences lead the market.These lead users, as they are called, will modify products or use them in unforeseen ways to meet their needs.

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