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Jumpstyle, originally known simply as jump, was created in Belgium and started in 1997.

It was a short-lived small genre that didn't gain popularity in its original form.

He was therefore unable to get beyond a personal best of 1.80m.

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Jumpstyling is often referred to as "Jumpen": a combination of the English word 'Jump' and the Dutch & German suffix '-en' (meaning "to jump" or "jumping").

However, it came back to the public during the turn of the century and fandom began increasing throughout Europe after undergoing significant changes in Germany in early 2003.

After acquiring its current name, jumpstyle was reintroduced in Europe and in 2005 saw artists and groups producing and releasing its music.

In The Netherlands, Gabber Hardcore is the music of choice for rebellious young people, much like punk and underground hip-hop in the US.

It is a blisteringly fast style of electronic music which might seem hard to dance to at first.

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