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She's won neither gong since doing the double in 1978 for Annie Hall. "I loved playing being in love because it is so out of keeping with my life.

If the romance has struck a chord with middle-aged women across America, Keaton insists she is happy that, for her, it was confined to the screen. It is always fun to play the happy recipient of love because it doesn't happen that often in life and to at least experience it while you're making a movie is so pleasurable.

, Jenna Dewan-Tatum revealed that she used to date Justin Timberlake.

The actress, who was one of Justin's back-up dancers at the time, confirmed that after his big public split from Britney Spears, they had a short-lived relationship: “We dated. We were like friends, then dated and we’re just really good friends now”.

I never realized how deeply some women loathe men who date younger women until I saw the dirty looks I got when I took my 25-year-old niece out to dinner.

(I used to kid her that I was going to get a T-shirt that said “She’s my frickin’ niece!

” for our evenings out.) Forty years ago it was socially acceptable to look askance at racially mixed couples.

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Her character is a long-divorced, emotionally vulnerable woman who finds herself courted by both a young doctor, played by Keanu Reeves, and her daughter's boyfriend, an ageing playboy played, of course, by Jack Nicholson.It'll be a movie about older men with younger women, and older women with younger men--we'll get some kid, like maybe Keanu, to be interested in Diane, too--and, this is the best part, never moves much beyond this cynical premise.Writer-director Nancy Meyer opens the film with perhaps the most painfully contrived setup since the cancellation of "Three's Company." Nicholson and his young girlfriend (Amanda Peet) go to her mother's gorgeous Hamptons beach house to spend the weekend consummating their relationship. (Anyone hoping, as I was, that this might be a sly reference to the most memorable line in the famous 1992 "Seinfeld" episode "The Contest" will be disappointed.) It's tempting to describe this Diane Keaton-Jack Nicholson vehicle about late-in-life love as a bad movie.But that would be giving it too much credit, because it's hardly a movie at all.

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