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Also: The internet of botnets and ransomware on your TV | How to keep your smart TV from spying on you | The Internet of Weaponized Things: Time to tackle device security before it's too late In a September 2016 filing, the complaint alleged that "unbeknownst to its customers [...] (Standard Innovation) designed We-Connect to collect and record highly intimate and sensitive data regarding consumers' personal We-Vibe use, including the date and time of each use and the selected vibration settings, and transmit such usage data -- along with the users' personal email address -- to its servers in Canada."The two unnamed women who launched the lawsuit said the business' actions demonstrated a "wholesale disregard" for the privacy of users, and also shattered a number of US privacy laws. As a result, as reported by the National Post, the Ottawa, Canada-based firm must pay out four million Canadian dollars (.9 million) under the terms of a settlement.

Standard Innovation has also agreed to destroy all of the personal information collected from users.

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A Toronto woman says her Uber driver falsely told her payment wouldn't go through if her phone had died, and offered to accept sexual favours in lieu.

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Anyone who purchased a vibrator with the accompanying app before September 26, 2016, is entitled to damages of up to ,000.

Those who bought the vibrator without the app can also claim 9.

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