Married mom cam

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I don't have too many memories of my sisters, but I do remember how much my oldest sister loved Usher.

She was 13 and she'd sing along to his music on the radio in our room.

Baasit's one-year-old daughter even made a guest appearance for Halloween.

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Hot ass wives enjoying the honeymoon or some late night adventure with the *** away!I was four-months-old when our father died — he worked at a gas station and was shot during a robbery.After that, the four of us moved into the basement apartment of my mom's mother's house, where my sisters and I shared a room. She was rebellious and loved pop music and makeup, which my grandmother and mother couldn't stand.I was 6 years old when my two older sisters went to Palestine to "visit family." At least that's what my mom told me.I was born in Chicago, like my sisters, but our parents are Palestinian, born in Jerusalem.

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