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In the GIF of the moment shared via the Bucks' official Twitter account, the kid immediately realizes what's happening, shaking his head and pointing to his mother -- who's distracted by her phone -- while calmly mouthing "that's my mom." The people sitting behind them are clearly on the verge of nervous laughter, then the mom finally looks up and makes a face that can only be translated to mean: "Oh my god, absolutely not.This is disgusting, and I just threw up a little." It was spectacularly awkward.But people are still talking about the game -- and it's not necessarily about that 25-point comeback.

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The kiss cam - which projects couples on to a big screen in the centre of the court and encourages them to smooch for the audience - landed on the pair at the Milwaukee Bucks‏ game in Wisconsin last night.

One of those terribly awkward moments happened Thursday night at the Milwaukee Bucks playoff game.

The team tweeted out a clip of the exchange, and you don’t have to be a master lip-reader to know what’s going on.

MILWAUKEE -- Fans in attendance at Thursday night's Game 6 between the Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors likely won't soon forget Milwaukee's furious fourth quarter rally to take the lead after being down 25 points.

They probably won't forget this super awkward Kiss Cam moment, either.

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