Recipient policy not updating

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For information about the parameter sets in the Syntax section below, see Syntax.

The Update-Email Address Policy cmdlet queries for all recipients that match the specified email address policy and saves the objects to Active Directory.

Among other things this rebranding exercise also includes changing their primary email addresses.

For several versions of Exchange Server now we’ve had the capability to manage email addresses for recipients by using policies.

When users are created or moved to or from the OU, you have to make sure that the particular attribute you decide to use is populated or removed.They can be used to apply the policy irrespective of the recipient's location in the Active Directory hierarchy of containers and OUs.If you need to apply the policy to all OU recipients, you can either use the common attributes or one of the extension attributes -- perhaps by populating one of them with the name or the distinguished Name of the OU, or some other string.Use the Update-Email Address Policy cmdlet after you use the Set-Email Address Policy cmdlet to apply all changes.For more information about the Set-Email Address Policy cmdlet, see Set-Email Address Policy.

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