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It is your responsibility I am just seeking some answers.

I am 18 and I have been messing around lately, if you know what I mean.

If you an opinion on this at all, please take a short online survey at the following secure link: https:// We really need respondents so we'd appreciate any help we can get! I have been having symptoms of nausea, coughing, sore throat, and headaches for about two weeks.

At the point when I got sick, I had received a blow job and topped a guy with a condom.

My little sister also got sick with similar symptoms. Anyway, I want to know if I should be worried that I caught something, specifically HIV, and if I could pass it on to family memebers by sharing drinks. Zack, I would recomend that you do some research about HIV/AIDS before you become sexual with others.

It's not a matter of taking a few pills if you get infected, it is a new lifestyle.

Both male and female callers dial in and through a common access number.

Sexual behaviors in children are common, occurring in 42 to 73 percent of children by the time they reach 13 years of age.The phone systems will usually allow users hear a chatline greeting example so the caller can get an idea of what he is expected to say.Profanity and sexual references are typically not allowed, the chatline moderator's job is to listen and approve every greeting that is recorded.My symptoms are mild and go off and on, but nausea and coughing are most dominant.I don't know exactly what HIV is, but I've heard it has flu-like symptoms.

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