Spitemeventreceiver itemupdating example

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At rest, technology is used to encrypt all information on the servers’ hard drives.

In addition, all files are segmented (in small pieces called chunks) and each segment is individually encrypted and encryption keys are securely stored in a different physical location.

You could create a new "Full Name" calculated column and delete the Title column, but making Title a calculated column just feels like a cleaner solution.

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Regarding Security, the Office 365 platform ensures the encryption of data in transit and at rest.All Share Point lists start with a user editable "Title" column that ECB menu's hang off of and that is the default field to display in associated child tables. For example if you have a list like Company, you can change the display name of Title to "Company Name," and then Employee records display that field for their parent relationship.Where this doesn't work well is lists like Employee, where there is no single column that uniquely identifies a row to an end user.use some calculated columns Java Script to apply conditional formatting to the row).There are lots of blog posts about that, but the main problems with all of those are amount of time you have to invest to produce the result and the fact that it is practically out of bounds of the regular Share Point user.

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