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if not, start NOW), Mindy’s friends accuse of her of being too picky when it comes to dating.Of course, this makes Mindy totally freak out and so she goes on a date with a dude who is obviously really wrong for her, just to prove to her friends that her standards are not too high (I won’t spoil the end for you).In the real world, it’s problematic when you’ve set your standards so high that no one can actually meet them.As a result, you’re always unhappy with whoever you’re going out with, since he or she keeps disappointing you in at least some aspect of your idealistic expectations.Dating gurus want you to make two lists: the things you insist on and the things you won't stand for. "This woman looked totally hot on line," I imagine one man thinking, "but 10 pounds over my weight limit is 10 pounds too many." Women's brains, too, are sifting silently through lists. Applicants are matched by age and stated interests.More often than not, the match begins and ends on the debut evening.Yes, that was utterly stupid for many reasons other than the fact we were in middle school and had zero idea what “dating” was.I mean, we just thought it meant holding hands in the hallway. What if we have a set of expectations that could be too high for real people to fulfill?

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"I've been amazed at the pickiness and pettiness of some of the daters," commented one. Chemistry is the only thing that matters." Chemistry is that indefinable something that joins two people in giddiness without regard to whether or not they both like bowling.

It was once village matchmakers who joined marriageable folk, and sometimes they joined people whose temperaments were at odds.

Couples were expected to cope with their incompatibilities and grow closer -- or not -- with the passage of time. You crave a ready match and your compatibility list is firm (loves dogs, plays chess, financially independent).

That said, it actually is possible to have expectations that are way too high.

Having unrealistic standards and refusing to accept anything less than that isn’t the end of the world, but it will make the dating world a lot more difficult.

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