Transgendered dating directory dating guide

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You will only need some basic details about yourself like the country that you are living in, zip code, an email address, your birth date and a username.Dating a transgender woman is slightly different to dating a genetic woman.Simply put: sexual orientation is about who you are attracted to and fall in love with; gender identity is about who you are.

Gender identity is a person's internal, personal sense of being a man or a woman (or boy or girl.) For some people, their gender identity does not fit neatly into those two choices.

We took a tour around the site and reviewed it for your curiosity.

Registering with the Transgender Date won’t take you that long.

It depends on what kind of transsexual lady you are talking to; the reactions and interpretations could…

To learn more about how to be an ally to transgender people, check out GLAAD's Tips for Allies of Transgender People.

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