Trial sex

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Prosecutors had accused Dufresne of bringing the student to Jefferson Parish for a pair of encounters, part of a month-long sexual relationship that she carried out mostly in St. Jim Williams, Dufresne's defense attorney, said he felt Taylor made the correct decision.

A judge on Wednesday (April 26) found former Destrehan High School teacher Shelly Dufresne not guilty of allegations she had sex with her 16-year-old English student on two occasions in Jefferson Parish."Though the Court decided the government reached the low threshold required for today's preliminary hearing, we have no doubt this case ultimately will be resolved in Mr.Cosby's favor."The trial will take place in Pennsylvania's Court of Common Pleas, in Montgomery County outside Philadelphia.The brawler — who legally changed his name from Jon Koppenhaver in 2008 — was found guilty on March 20 of kidnapping and sexual assault in the bloody 2014 attack in Las Vegas.But as Mack says in her first post-trial interview, airing Tuesday night on HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel,” the emotional damage her ex-beau inflicted was as severe as the physical pain.

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