Updating text file in java

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any help would be much appreciated I have a text file with data entered as: 0, Broyles, Frank, 479-575-1964, Football St, Fayetteville, AR, 72703 1, Richardson, Nolan, 479-575-1994, Basketball St, Fayetteville, AR, 72703 I want to display only certain contents of the file in this format to a jlist: Last name, First name Phone number City, State, zip code How do I do this? As in your other thread, please only one thread per question.

Your question is a bit broad to answer specifically, but you will need to read in the text file (check out the Java tutorials for how to do this), display it however you need to in your GUI, and then re-write it (again, the tutorials will explain how). I have been working on a simple program for weeks now and I am about to puul my hair out.

Ok, say I have a text file called "people.txt", and it contains the following information: 1 adam 20 M 2 betty 49 F 3 charles 9 M 4 david 22 M 5 ethan 41 M 6 faith 23 F 7 greg 22 M 8 heidi 63 F Basically, the first number is the ID of the person, then comes the person's ...i think it is not advisable to store the thousands of line in the memory using Buffering, what is the best API in java, that i can store it in a temporary txt,.

or how can i edit the text file, let say i want to edit directly to line number 100?

The main dialog interface is composed from two panels.

Here's a fairly compact example (for JDK 1.5) of reading and writing a text file, using an explicit encoding.

It converts bytes into characters using a specified charset.

The charset can be default character encoding of the operating system, or can be specified explicitly when creating an is a bridge from byte streams to character streams.

What I have is an ASP web application that should print a template text file. Hi everyone, I'd like to open a text file and edit the text, that is to change and edit a text file, that already has been written, such as add text in the middle or at the begining of the text file. But what would be the best data structure to use for this.

I was trying to do all of this in ASP since I really don't know JAVA but everywhere I go I am told it can't be ...i was thinking of EDITING THE FILE i mean changing some parts of the files example i could always change line #2 if it contains data about AGE somehing like that The easiest way is to read the whole file, line by line, and store the lines in a String array. I used Random Access File class and seek method to work with text files, but I connot use it to add ... Nokia|25 Motorola|30 LG|20 Samsung|50 Sony|25 I will get an argument like Nokia. If I find a matching record in the file, I need to decrement the quantity, i.e 25 in this case(Nokia) and display a message in the screen. I am not the best with writing to files, and am having a hard time with it.

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