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Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners will no longer need to maintain a paid Xbox subscription to watch movies on Netflix, TV with Hulu Plus, and popular shows through HBO Go.

Ars Technica also reported that other services would be placed behind the Xbox Live Gold paywall to compensate for the free entertainment apps, but it’s not clear exactly which those will be.

Alongside its announcement of a 9 Kinect-less Xbox One, the company has revealed that Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, and all other entertainment apps will be lose their Gold requirement starting in June.

The change in strategy was first reported by Ars Technica on Monday evening.

Your gamer profile is an identity that: An offline profile is an Xbox 360 identity you don’t use with Xbox Live. After you press A, a keyboard screen appears (Figure 1) and prompts you to enter your gamer profile name. Create your gamer profile name and press the Start button. After you’ve typed your name in, you can do one of the following: • Press the Guide button on your controller • Highlight the Done button on-screen and press A on the controller After you press the Done button (or just press the Start button on the controller — the result is the same), the Gamer Picture screen opens.

If your Xbox 360 has a high-speed Internet connection, you can create an Xbox Live profile. Press A to use the default option, Create an Offline Profile. If you want to use Xbox Live,the following sections show you how. Enter your first name, last name, phone number, and contact e-mail address.

The interviewer asked Penello what the new Xbox One owner would be able to do with the console in that situation and Penello explained, “Nothing.

That’s about a quarter of the time that the day one Wii U update required last November, but owners of the Nintendo console were able to play games without the patch.

The change is being linked directly to the departure of former Xbox chief Don Mattrick, who left Microsoft last year after a confusing Xbox One launch following controversy over initial plans to make the new console require an internet connection.

It could also pave the way for a rumored low-cost Xbox "TV" set-top-box.

I have used the application after the update, and it doesn't seem like anything was updated... I haven't seen anything noticeably different about the app, and no one has said anything about the update, or changes.

This page lets you choose what language you see when navigating the Dashboard.

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