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- Fields with a constraint limiting it it certain values it should have a default.I've written a bunch of scripts to do this in the past and was wondering if there was something generic available.will first verify that the provided schema is itself valid, since not doing so can lead to less obvious error messages and fail in less obvious or consistent ways.If you know you have a valid schema already or don’t care, you might prefer using the argument is not provided, two things will happen in accordance with the specification.Whether managing a list of todos, or ordering a car to pick you up, you are interacting with a permanent but constantly changing data layer.In Meteor, that data layer is typically stored in Mongo DB.I would not include the part that queries the database, because it's done with Dapper, and... But since this is a third-party dependency I would use it in a separate assembly that has a reference to your DAL (to obtain the database object names), so your DAL doesn't have this dependency.At its core, a web application offers its users a view into, and a way to modify, a persistent set of data.

Some examples of the type of rules I'm talking about would be like: - Primary key fields should be the first in the table. - Field names ending 'xxx' should be of a certain type.

SSW's commercial tool does something similiar for SQL Server.

| this answer answered Oct 8 '08 at Mitch Wheat 224k 28 357 454 That appears to be just what I was looking for. – Matt Lacey Oct 8 '08 at | A tool called SQLCop is doing what your asking for, but I don't believe it actually allows you to write rules yourself.

You can find the documentation of the current version at docs.Db\Record Exists and Db\No Record Exists Validators — Zend Framework 2 2.3.9 documentation also provide a means to test the database, excluding a part of the table, either by providing a where clause as a string, or an array with the keys “field” and “value”.

When providing an array for the exclude clause, the !

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