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He is best known for his Ecclesiastical History of the English People (732?

), tracing Britain's history from 55 BC to AD 597, a source vital to the history of the conversion to Christianity of the Anglo-Saxon tribes in Britain.

The nomination will go to UNESCO's International Council on Monuments and Sites, which makes its decision in 2010.

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In the Roman Catholic Church, the title Venerable is bestowed on a deceased person in the first of three stages leading to beatification (with the title of Blessed) and canonization (with the title of Saint).

World heritage status would be a major lift for the economy of South Tyneside, Sunderland and the region, not least through tourism, and also for its education potential and for the international profile of the region.

Wearmouth-Jarrow would join Hadrian's Wall and Durham Cathedral and Castle as world heritage sites.

Almost everything that we know of his life is contained in the last chapter of his Bede was the only native of Great Britain to be made a Doctor of the Church – in his case, by Pope Leo XIII (Anselm of Canterbury also received the honour but he was an Italian by birth).

Just out of interest, Bede’s adoption of the dating (AD) in his De Temporum Ratione is the reason we use it today.

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