Vldpersonals dating script

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It is a place to share ideas and thoughts about Your dating website. I'm selling my unused "PG Datingpro" dating script license.

It is a place to answer questions and receive answers. I will send you the full script and order number so you can download future updates.

With most scripts I can find a way to make it do what I want.

The negative thing about Dating Script is that the code, while it may not be obfuscated, is certainly difficult to understand.

vld Personals is a very easy to use dating/social software.

It allows you to create a fully functioning & modern dating website in a matter of minutes.

Starting your own dating website with vld Personals is fast and easy.

On the plus side, the script is NOT buggy and runs very smoothly on shared hosting with up to a few thousand members.

In the world of dating scripts, I think it's the best you will find.

Sure, there are some things that I want it to do that it won't do.

Hi guys, i´m wondering what happens, when our providers will switch to PHP 7 versions. Or is there an other method to keep the scripts alive? ------------------------------------------------ This is what VLDpersonals tells customers in their "Presale-Section": " Will I have access to vld Personals source code? We designed vld Personals to be easy to customize and we believe this is one of its main advantages. As I updated my website to the new technologies, I still hesitate what dating script to use on my matrimonial website here in Romania.

When you purchase a license you will have complete access to the source code with an exception of 5 non-essential files that are encoded for security purposes and to prevent piracy. The domain name was registered long time ago in 1996.

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