Who has george eads dating

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Anyone else heard the rumours that most of the CSI Vegas cast are meant to be gay.It seems really funny normally only one is meant to be gay like in a boyband.If you must know, Monica and George met on a pseudo blind date setup by a friend. Not a model or an actress, Monica is actually a nurse. This could be the thing that made George love her more. It was even said that having Monica as his girlfriend makes him straight.George had met Monica before he became such a big star. There were rumors around the grapevine doubting George's gender.You would think that these days we would all know for sure.I've found it on the previous discussion over grelix livejournal (thanks to the anonymous who posted the link).And the two finally went out publicly as a romantically-linked couple after the awards ceremony where George took Monica as his date. After four years, the relationship is still going strong. By showing Monica to the public, the gossips about him being gay were squandered. Eads won an award for this role, along with four nominations. The Screen Actors Guild Award had recognized his work and gave him an award along with his co-stars in the series. Her pretty face and warm smile may be the things that drew George closer. 's upcoming 14th season after a heated argument with a pregnant writer on the show, sources confirm to E! He will appear in the first three episodes and then leave the show, returning at an unspecified date later in the season.

In 2004 he was fired briefly for failing to show up for shoot’s which the tabloids mentioned was for a pay rise.

Lewis, who runs the show ‘Flipped Out’ had a featured show of the Eads residence in which George did not look to be pleased about the renovated home.

Eads turned out to be very picky and admitted to never before having used a designer for home décor. Eads has been married to Monika Casey since 2011 and they have a child together.

In college, he was a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity.

Prior to beginning an acting career, Eads used to work as a copy machine salesman, as well as selling first aid and safety supplies for Cintas.

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