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I browse some of my favorite Japanese entertainment portals and was happy to note that Mirai Shida is - once again - active on the scene.I always love watching her and I think she deserves the spotlight and the raves that many of the 'veteran' J-ent watchers are bestowing on her.Duno why but everytime i see KHJ i think of Bakanishi - maybe they hv similar personality/gestures/style/way of thinking.So it'll b fun to see both together in a drama.

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I adore them both individually, I think they would make a nice fresh pairing, and both very good-looking.

Either way, like I mentioned before, Oguri Shun & Inoue Mao pairing is still a MUST for me!

Such a lovely couple like them deserve to have their own drama!

Summary: Fate has an odd way of making history repeat itself.

The fairytale ending was only the beginning of a tragedy.

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